About Us

The Sri Sambbodhi Temple was established in 2002. Our main aim/object is basically to build up a better society who obeys the five Precept as well as the Eight precepts laid down by Buddha.And also for the citizens to have hearts filled with Meththa,Karuna,Mudhitha and Upekkha.

Upto now we have a composition of about 350 benefactor families for our temple. Our Dhamma School in name Anagarika Dharmapala and our Youth Buddhist Society paves the way for the young to be in line with our religion,culture and values.

The weekly meditation programme,counducted by our temple helps to develop the mental satisfaction of the devotees. Also the sermons held based on the Thripitaka not only will help the elders but also the young to grasp the most virtuous and pre-eminent words of Buddha in the most basic tomes. Through all of these we belive it world uphold the amelioration of the society of today and the future.